Minneapolis quartet, Straya come out of the gates hot with the first single off debut album Healthy Steps. The track “Sauceman’s” highlights the band’s ephemeral mix of progressive emo, math and post hardcore with interesting hints of experimentation and fusion to taste.

The video features a series of vignettes of the band in and around the Healthy Steps recording sessions. Interesting moments all containing a sense of motion and energy that is so clearly inherent to this group. “Sauceman’s” effortlessly blazes through genres and musical ideas at an astonishing rate while somehow maintaining a confident ease and cohesion. Straya’s frenetic energy comes off something like the musical equivalent of a well researched essay written in an Adderall trance.

Healthy Steps as a whole is an exercise in this flowing creative precision and a staggering accomplishment for a debut album from a young band. Take a look at the video right here:

You can take a listen to Healthy Steps via Straya’s Bandcamp and even pick up a cassette to hold and own. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and tour dates.

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