Now, Nashville is a hotly debated topic around MWA. Sure, while not technically in the Midwest, I do like to peek there from time to time to see what’s going on. While taking a look, I found Chicago native, and old MWA friendMitch McLaughlin who has relocated there for the time being. So we took a quick look at what he was up to.

In the past, Mitch has taken on stages solo, backed up other singers, and even made the jump over to full time funky jams with his full band Love in the Dark. Now, it’s a return to his roots, but this time with a new outfit to match the original conviction.

Mitch is accompanied by cellist Peter Donnelly and bassist Connor Gravley-Novello to deliver his latest song “Reconnect”. With the help of these new friends, Mitch and company were able to come together to create the first video session through their new label, Orange Light Studio.

The video certainly has the DIY vibe to it that I love. Just toss up the camera, get some motion going, and let the music do all the talking. With great tones from the cello/bass addition, comes this new song that is in the same vein as what we’ve seen from Mitch before but with new and impressive depths.

If you enjoyed what you saw/heard you will definitely enjoy the rest of Mitch Mclaughin’s music discography available on his and Orange Light Studio’s bandcamp pages.

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