The Minneapolis based indie punk stalwarts are back at it again with a sugary burst of flavor. Summery, windows down type vibes take the front seat in the succinct and refined new single from Ego Death. “Orange Soda” emphasizes the hallmarks of the band, a tight, driving rhythm section, Warden’s vocals distantly lamenting over blissy layers of crunch and fuzz. Paired with the high contrast white and orange visuals of Adam Loomis you can almost taste the fizzy citrus. The video is as simple and beautiful as the song and full of the same warm energy.

‘Orange Soda’ is the first single off their upcoming Daze EP. If this output is any indication (which I happen to know it is) the band is moving into rarefied territory of artistic realization. The EP will be out via a residency at Minneapolis’ go-to rock n’ roll hang out the Kitty Cat Klub and digitally available at the band’s bandcamp on May 3rd.

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Adam Loomis Vimeo