Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, shoegazing indie rockers Babbling April are ready to share their sound with the world. What once started as a one-man bedroom music project, frontman Dave New moved to the great state of Ohio and joined musical forces with Lee Wise and Vivi Machi to create Babbling April. Pulling influences from Yo La Tengo, Babbling April switches between instrumental prowess to hard hitting lyrical stealth. With a debut EP out now, the band is working hard on a full length album due to be out in 2016.

Check out their video for the instrumental “On Breath From Esmé” below.

If you like what you’ve heard and seen, then you can catch Babbling April on July 2 at True West Cafe in Hamilton, Ohio and you can grab a copy of their debut EP off of their Bandcamp page.

Babbling April Official | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp