Longtime Midwest Action friend Myles Coyne is back with his new band Mouse Corn and a new video for the song “Minotaur”. You may remember Myles from our MWA Folk Compilation or from countless gig’s around his hometown of Milwaukee and all over the Midwest.

Myles’ musical career continually drifts back and forth from various solo projects to full bands, acoustic folk song to elaborate rock music, and everything in between. Coyne’s creativity knows no bounds and Mouse Corn is it’s latest iteration.

This four piece power pop trio from Milwaukee, WI formed when singer/guitarist Myles Coyne was seeking new members for his past project. After trying out Steve Vorass on drums, Alex Klosterman on guitar, and Chuck Zonk on bass, Coyne quickly realized that he had found more than just a “backing band” and the new group was formed.

What begins as a simple performance video soon mutates into a wild green screen, face-morphing, found footage art film that’s sure to suck you in. The video was directed by Joe Ludwig (@Joe.Ludwig) and beautifully matches the playful nature of the song. Check it out below!

Expect a new EP from the band coming soon via our very own Midwest Action record label! Until then keep up with the band on social media and play the hell out of this whacky ass video.

Mouse Corn Bandcamp | Facebook
Joe Ludwig Official | Instagram