Learn the art of epic sandwich making, intense finger-tapping, and how to write your name in sriracha, with this Nervous Passenger video premiere!

“Good For Nothing” is that loud, catchy, kind of punk that makes you wish you were in crammed into a dank basement show. The video is the perfect companion for a song about not giving a shit about past fuck-ups. You can always find solace through the cathartic act of screaming your balls off into a mic; Nervous Passenger demonstrate this well.

By the end of it all you’ll be singing along with the gang vocals and definitely in need of a hoagie (an avocado is always a nice touch).

The whole thing was filmed and edited by Jeff Perlman of Rat Hammer, check it out below:

In between beers and sandwiches Nervous Passenger are working on an acoustic EP and a brand new full-band recording which is due out early next year.


December 20thCobra Lounge w/Pears & Tens

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