There are many styles of music I like, but there’s something about hip-hop that makes it my favorite. Truthfully, that wasn’t always the case.  There has to be a certain something there that grabs my attention. Otherwise, it sometimes just turns out to be an artist yelling in my ears for an entire album. Luckily, this was not the case with WebsterX. From the streets of Milwaukee comes a young rap artist who has a lot to say, and in a style that certainly makes hip-hop proud.

His latest album, Desperate Youth, takes a look at everything that makes up the youth of today. With beats that make head bouncing second nature and lyrics that make you think about everything from what your generation is doing to deep poetic hooks that keep you hanging on from start to finish, it’s easy to see that WebsterX is heading for great things.

We here at Midwest Action were lucky enough to work with WebsterX to bring you his latest music video, premiering right here before it hits the rest of cyberspace! We are very proud to present his latest masterpiece, straight from MWA to your irises, here is “Blue Dream”, check it out:

While the hip-hop genre might be flooded with artists that put out 20 albums and never seem to stick, WebsterX gives you something tangible that makes the listener want to keep listening. I gave the entire album a listen and there wasn’t one track I wouldn’t recommend.

If you want more WebsterX, follow him on all the social medias and be on the look out for upcoming shows in the Midwest as well as at SXSW. You can also see his other music video with CSYSYK entitled “Desperate Youth” on his YouTube channel.

Besides being one of my favorite tracks from Desperate Youth, the video is awesome with a trippy VHS-vibe. One thing I know for sure is that I hope he keeps making music vids.

WebsterX Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp