When the remnants of the funk rock group May Queen were hanging around and jamming wondering what to do next, a sound emerged. The funk faded away and the hip hop came out. Now, I’m a sucker, as previously exemplified in my articles, for a solid hip hop sound. But when you also combine that with the wail of a great guitarist and thumping bass lines and some hard drums you end up with the rising Chicago rock/hip hop group Freaks for Geeks.

Coming off of their sophomore release Whatever it Takes, the band has been picking up steam as they release new tracks and play shows all over the city in preparation for the release of their newest album Tin. They’ve been featured on bills with Archie Powell and the Exports and The Lonely Biscuits. They’ve also taken the time to release their latest music video and their new single “Sleep, M.D.”


Driving funky bass lines and a blast of guitar brings us into a lyrical tale of Dr. Sleep and harmonies that seem to mystify as you listen. You can’t help but nod your head as the track makes its way along. Coming off the recurring line “…Now baby go to sleep” comes the driving rock guitar over the chorus that makes the sound of this hip hop so distinctive.

This song is a great representation of what this band is bringing to the table and if you’re digging this style you’re in luck. Tin comes out tomorrow and you can grab a copy of it over at their Bandcamp page. Not enough? They’ve got some shows coming up too. February 13th they’ll be rocking out at The Beat Kitchen and then on March 6th they are going to bring Schubas to rubble as they crank out their tunes as they open for MC Lars.

Check them out and keep up on their social media as news and new tunes are always coming up.

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