Chicago’s Dial In, Shane Wirkes and Daniel Modica, use a mixture of electronic and acoustic instruments, creating music is both timeless and immediate. Midwest Action is happy to premiere Dial In’s “RXHQ” from their upcoming debut, the Lost Frames EP.

Listen to it here, first:

“RXHQ” is a kind of slinky, electronic tune, with beats and key melodies that call to mind Radiohead influences and drip with ethereal smokiness. I can’t make out a word in the whole song and love this approach in the arrangement, the use of vocals as instruments. The soundscape swells as the song progresses and more and more layers are added, resulting in a swirling and dynamic piece.

What do you think? I (clearly) dig it, but we’re interested to know your thoughts on this electronic duo. Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

November 20th at Mayne Stage in Chicago, IL
January 30th at Transistor in Chicago, IL

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