Cleveland Ohio’s Fascinating is one of many projects led by Ricky Hamilton, founder of the garage rock collective, Quality Time Records. After an exclusive premiere of “Catholic Sun” on Impose this past April, Fascinating is premiering their newest album, Picture This, today on Midwest Action.

Picture This is a fast-tempo’d romp through a scuzzy, slop-pop wonderland. The album, recorded straight to tape, has a palpable energy–an energy so contagious, I feel like the record itself might shake in an attempt to contain it all.

“Dangerous Times”, the album’s second single, is one of my favorites. It feels like an old punk standby, something familiar and kind of dangerous in and of itself. The repetition of the guitar is the song’s steady backbone, and while the vocals mimic the repetition in practice, it’s their catchy chorus and uncomfortably relatable lyricism that’ll undoubtedly cement the song in your brain.

Picture This also features Fascinating’s first instrumental release, “How I Killed Ann Coulter with my Mind”. The track is a fast-paced symphony of garagey guitar noises that tells the story of telekinetic right-wing pundit murder. It doesn’t get more rock ‘n’ roll than that. \m/

With the distortion cranked and amps turned to eleven, Fascinating plows through their album in a quick sixteen minutes. The best thing about that? You can listen to it multiple times a day! Squeeze it in a few times on your ride to work or listen to it on your lunch break. I don’t care how you go about it as long as it happens.

Stream Picture This below.

Order Picture This through Jurassic Pop. The album will be available on May 12th, 2017.

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