Chicago’s Red Francis is happy to announce the release of their latest single, “Media Feeding Frenzy”, and at Midwest Action, we are ecstatic to premiere it. The debut track off of their brand new album is the definition of a “folk rock” tune complete with swanky brass and jangly guitar. Joined by Vivian McConnell from Santah, the chorus is accentuated by sweet backing vocals and rich male/female harmonies. “Media Feeding Frenzy” builds to, well,  a frenzy of instruments. Cymbal crashes and trumpet flourishes lead to a return to structure, and an abrupt, yet very fulfilling, end.

This has certainly whet our appetite for the upcoming full length album from the outfit. Listen to it below.

The new album will be released at The Burlington on Friday, July 24th. If you’re not in town for their Burlington show, you can catch them during their 6-week west coast tour.

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