Summer is here and it’s time to get a new Swimsuit… Addition! Try this one on for size. 

“Killin’ Time” is the band’s first new single since their brilliant 2014 LP Wretched Pinups, unless you count their Tanks! EP which is more fan service than a full-fledged album.

The song is a upbeat, super catchy, and has some well-placed hand claps between the verses. It’s got everything you’ve come to love from this Chicago 4-piece, solid riffs, nice vocal harmonies, and as always, a dash of Riot Grrl energy thrown in. It’s a definite summer favorite already.

Swimsuit has plenty new material in the works including new remixes, reissues, and even their own zine! Until then you can kill time listening to this new single and the band’s back catalog all summer!

If you need somewhere to watch things explode and drink beers this weekend you can catch Swimsuit Addition at DZ Fest in Hickory Hills alongside over a dozen other local acts. RSVP and get all the details via Facebook

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