It’s been just over a year since we spoke with Chicago singer-songwriter Andy Metz. At the time, Andy had not only recently released an album of remixes from his hip-hop duo 8090, but was putting the finishing touches on the debut EP of his rock project, Hero Monster Zero. With those releases now in the rear-view mirror, Andy has turned his attention back to his solo work.

Though an addition to his already extensive catalog, “Guns” has the distinction of being Andy’s first solo release in seven years. With bass and production from She Rides Tigers’ James Scott and drums provided by Hero Monster Zero’s Ryan Birkett, “Guns” carries a huge sound for an acoustic rock song. The track’s undeniably catchy hook paired with its biting lyrical commentary make it the perfect candidate for repeat listening. Andy has this to say about the song:

“Guns” is an inflammatory track that addresses an issue in the U.S. that is tragically almost always topical. Whether you agree with the double-entendre or not, hopefully listeners find the lyrics clever and the chorus catchy.

If you’re digging “Guns”, make sure to stop by Andy’s Facebook page for updates on the upcoming release. For those of us in Chicago, Andy will be performing live at The Gallery Cabaret on Saturday, October 24. Details here.

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