The group known as Spaces of Disappearance released their first EP back in 2013. Since then, Elaine Davis and Zach Smith have been producing deceptively complex, dark-wave songs that range from upbeat dance hits to brooding synth and bass grooves, each perfect for the dark side of the dance floor. The recent addition of drummer, Drew Ballcki, has brought a whole new excitement to Space’s live show. Today, we’re happy to premiere a new track from the band.


The slow, minimal, electronic drum intro brings you into a world of synth that is as looming as it is catchy. It’s a bit like Nine Inch Nails as played by Gary Numan. The song continues to build slowly with more oscillating synth lines and singer/songwriter/programmer Elaine Davis’ ethereal vocals. It is, by definition, “totally chill”. Listen below and you’ll at least be tapping your foot, maybe even bobbing your head, by the half way point.

“Dick Cheney In The Light” is extremely minimal, even for a band known for making a little go a long way when it comes to instrumentation. The stripped down nature of this song makes it that much more brooding and mysterious. Each beat is deliberate, every word carefully sung. The song knows exactly where it’s going from start to finish. It’s not until the very end that the beat picks up and the synth parts get more complex and then it hits an abrupt end.

It leaves you wanting more. Luckily “Dick Cheney…” is just one track from the upcoming 4-track EP Passionate Electronics, out next Tuesday, March 31st. It’ll be available on cassette via Walk-In Records and digitally as well. Pre-order yours here or pick one up at one of Spaces upcoming shows!


4/22 The Hideout w/Axons, Panoramic and True, & The Old Adage

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