Today, we’re excited to present the exclusive premiere of Carbon Tiger‘s latest and greatest track, “Chicago (Don’t Move)”. 2014 brought with it a few new songs from the group, namely “Out of Heaven” and the previously reviewed “Morning Bends“; 2015 brings with it the same, except with the added promise of a full-length album.

And boy do we dig the sound of that.

The song combines an attitude of determination with the sparkling guitar that accompanies the wide-eyed wonderment of the city and excitement for great things to come. Get lost in “Chicago” below:

Of the song, the band says:

Chicago is about wanting to move somewhere new for something or someone, which can also stem from the shitty winters in Chicago. The summers here can be great, but the seasonal affective disorder struggle can be very real. The song also encompasses where we are at as a band and … how there’s still so much to look forward to. We’re just starting out.

Currently in the midst of writing their debut full-length, “Chicago” offers a taste of the direction the band is heading in. Stay tuned for a healthy serving of new Carbon Tigers material in the near future, and if you’re hungry for more sooner rather than later, swing by the Abbey Pub in Chicago in March to enjoy the songs live.

March 7 at Abbey Pub in Chicago, IL (with Sol Cat and Bring Your Ray Gun)

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