We’ve been craving more from Velocicopter ever since the release of their Pals EP last year, lucky for us they’ve hit the studio again with Damian Wiseman of Loud Loop Press and gave us first dibs on premiering this new single.

“Black River” marks the triumphant return of that trademark V-cop sound: Meg MacDuff’s powerful vocals backed by a driving rhythm section and plenty of heavy riffin’. Right off the bat, this recording sounds thicker and meatier than anything the band has done before. It’s a scorching 2 minute burst of energy without a dull moment!

The grungy guitars combined with Meg’s throaty growl make this song sound at least two decades old. It brings to my mind they days of L7 & Bikini Kill. Calling a band “90’s” can either be a dig or a compliment, depending on the context, in V-Cop’s case, they know how to reinterpret the music they grew up on and present something that’s both familiar but exciting and new all at once.

Keep an eye out for the band’s new EP coming in the next few months but stream the hell out of this one for now. Even better, come to a show and get a live preview of these new songs!


3/28 Beat Kitchen w/Geronimo, Vaya, Foul Tip, & Meat Wave
4/20 The Empty Bottle w/ Lasers and Fast and Shit (FREE MONDAY)

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