The much anticipated EP Watch Me Overcomplicate This from Fauvely is out now! The talented group of musicians is led by Chicago via Savanah, Georgia artist Sophie Nagelberg. We’re honored to welcome Fauvely to the MWA family and bring you this gorgeous EP!

The music of Fauvely is both introspective and supremely catchy. Fusing elements of dream-pop, indie rock, and even a little bit of psychedelia, Fauvely elegantly sways between genres weaving together sonic threads to create some truly lush tapestries. Sophie recently described the band in an interview with Impose Magazine saying…

This project has been inside me for a long time, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to bring it to surface. It’s hard to explain why this is. I suppose I didn’t really feel like I knew what I was doing insofar as creating songs on my own, but when I tap into my feelings and allow them to guide me, that’s where the best stuff comes from. I have to stop overthinking everything and go with it.

Read the full interview here and stream the album below!

Watch Me Overcomplicate This is available now on high quality, locally dubbed cassette tape and digital download. Order one today or come pick one up in person at the release show Thursday, March 30th at Empty Bottle!

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