The new year has brought more than just erratic cold and warm spells to the Chicago area, it’s also graced us with a brand new album from alternative jazz rock luminary Kevin And Hell. We are pleased to bring you “Science” the very first single from Kevin’s latest jazz odyssey With the Zorchestra.

“Science is about critically evaluating things for yourself rather than accepting everything at face value”, said Kevin regarding this groovy new tune. Put on your best jazz shades and check it out for yourself below.

Zorchestra features notable jazz hitters such as Tommaso Moretti on drums and Natalie Lande on alto sax. The big band tunes weave with the vibrations of Sun Ra and feel vintage and modern all at once. Kevin calls the album “a gateway drug for jazz” and this video certainly backs up that claim.

Kevin and Hell will be kicking off a monthly residency at Logan Square’s Cafe Mustache, the last Friday of the month starting TONIGHT, January 26! RSVP here and mark your calendars.

Pick up a digital download of the album via bandcamp and watch it transform your crappy apartment into a space age bachelor pad in no time!

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