In a few short years, Chicago’s Sam Larson has proven herself to be an exciting artist whose work continues to evolve with each new project. In January 2015, she debuted the band BLOOM as a fuzzed-out, drum machine-backed duo. By year’s end she’d turned the project into a four piece power pop band and released a fantastic six song cassette called Adoration. After a year of touring, writing and recording, they followed up with Lamentation this Mayan album that married BLOOM’s newfound bombast and heartfelt vocals with some of the spectral post-punk fuzz of their first release.

Now she’s has changed things up again, and Midwest Action is excited to share the video for “Fall in Love Tonight,” her first release as Sam Larson. The song is three minutes of bright, pulsing, ’80s-tinted pop. Gone is any sense of melancholy in her voice; here she sings with an electric dreaminess reminiscent of Debbie Gibson (sans the saccharine highs). If you haven’t pressed play yet, do so now, but maybe put your drink down first. I’ve spilled beer on my keyboard three times while writing this because I can’t stop dancing in my chair.

“Fall in Love Tonight” is out now, along with the equally synthy b-side “Just Like That.” The single is available for purchase as a cassette (Dark Circles Records) and digital download.

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