Real music. Real people. Real Chicago rock. For real.

They call themselves The Wild Finish and describe their sound using the self-proclaimed genre of “Adult-contemporary punk”. As I listen, I’m reminded of punk rock shows years back at the Fireside Bowl and local nights at the Metro with bands like Alkaline Trio and the Smoking Popes. Simultaneously, I remember my anticipation for those shows as I blasted Millencolin on my headphones. The point: The Wild Finish has brought those times, feelings, and sounds back to life.

The punchy, poppy, gritty, trio’s lyrics grapple with a love/hate relationship of alcohol and, as Cole Waterman puts it, they capture: “a state of mind caught between youthful vigor and the stifling demands of adulthood.” How relatable. How real. Do I know these guys?

The band is currently working on their third release, this time a full length record. I strongly suggest checking out the bands previous and highly celebrated EPs: The Jacket and Damn Near. Better yet, experience one of their live shows in the Chicagoland area!

December 6th at House Cafe in DeKalb, IL

The Wild Finish Official | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp