It’s been a busy year for Midwest Action repeat artist WebsterX. He’s been all over country slinging his unique brand of hip-hop and everywhere he goes people are clinging to this up and coming Milwaukee sensation.

While he’s currently celebrating the release of his track “Doomsday” and the excellent response he’s received from it, he still had some time to toss together a new track, premiering today via Complex. As a thank you to all his fans, old and new, the surprise new track, entitled “Lately”, chronicles the journey he’s been on and what he’s learned.


While it always a treat to get a surprise track that no one was expecting it’s even better when it’s a track like “Lately”. This song is something that WebsterX wanted to do to give back positive vibes to all the blessings that have been coming his way. As a treat we got to sample it before the masses and I can say for sure that this song is sick.  He explained to us that this song

“…embodies all the new gained attention from ‘Doomsday’ and the interesting change of pace I experienced. [The] reason why it’s called ‘Lately’ is it sheds light on some of the healthy pressures I felt realizing that it’s not ‘all on me’ it’s ‘all on team’ and the people around me who support [me].”

This track doesn’t really have anything to do with his up and coming projects but is just a special release that fans of this Midwestern rapper will definitely love. You can always keep up with WebsterX via social media as well as his website. If you haven’t heard “Doomsday” yet you can click back and give it a listen right here on Midwest Action. Let’s just say you’re late to the party but that’s ok, enjoy it right now!

Keep your eyes on WebsterX and enjoy special treats like “Lately”. Because if you blink he’ll blow up and you’ll have missed it.

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