Alright. Let me just come out and say it – female rock and roll has something that male rock and roll just doesn’t. I’m not saying one is superior to the other (hell, I love both), but there is something about the vocal stylings of Aly Jados that I just cannot get enough of. With haunting vocals and a driving guitar tone, courtesy of her classic ’78 Gibson Les Paul, she sets herself apart as a rock artist. She has known rock and roll since the age of 13, and on most nights, you can hear her cranking out her tunes all over Chicago.

She has been all over the Midwest bringing her gritty rock and roll to the masses. In 2011, she was hand-selected to compete on American Idol, and then repeated the process on The Voice in 2012. Although this introduced her to the greater masses, she still is loyal to her hometown of Chicago. While rocking her favorite venues all over the city, she was able to crank out her debut EP Don’t Come Easy in February of 2012, thanks to Cassette Company Records.

It’s because of that EP that we rock fans received her music video for “Waiting”, released back in 2012. It plays like its own short film and is backed by the powerful single. Its haunting tones, accompanied by her classic sound, make for one hell of a music video. No need to search around, you can check it out right here:

While “Waiting” is an impressive track and excellent representation of what Aly Jados is all about, for me, “Missing A Ghost” is the EP’s stand-out track. Its slow drive and building style create a dynamic that I love. It also expertly highlights her repetitious guitar riffs that hook you and her gritty, driving vocals.

Aly Jados is certainly an artist to watch. She’s been everywhere from coffee shops to all the hot spot city venues, and even some suburban ones. Trust me when I say you don’t want to pass up the chance to catch her live.

You can find her on the social media channels listed below, as well as popping up here and there with residency spots at some of your favorite establishments. Her EP, Don’t Come Easy, is available on iTunes.

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