Though You Folk is new to the Chicago music scene, their first release feels comfortable and familiar, like its always been there. “Endearment” boasts insane harmonies, with layered vocals and an incredible narrative to hold it all together. The masterful composition blends warm acoustic melodies, reverse swells, and clean, cymbal crashes into a song that swirls and crescendos.

“I called out wolf, but you told me such a thing don’t exist.”

You Folk is a five-piece outfit that takes cues from artists like Broken Social Scene, Pedro the Lion, and Pygmy Lush. What started as a solo project for vocalist/guitarist Daniel Lee, quickly became a full band effort flanked by guitarist and back-up vocalist Mike Walker (of Nature’s Neighbor), bassist Rebecca Young (Indisposed), multi-instrumentalist Evan Lyman (Deadly Habits) and drummer Bryan Kingsley (Harm Less, Dead Sun).

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