Cleveland’s Joshua Jesty isn’t making a comeback, he’s just making music at his own pace. After four prolific years and four EP releases between 2013-2016, it would appear that Joshua Jesty wasn’t going anywhere.

Then, he just stopped.

His then girlfriend, now fiancee, Kaycee Zach had developed a form of cancer that required around the clock treatment. Music took a backseat to hospital visits and focused his energy on the other love of his life.

Now, after a few years and a reason to celebrate (Kaycee is in the clear!) Joshua is getting back to music in the form of digital singles.

The first single “Catastrophe” seems to be nothing more than Joshua picking up where he left off: a repetitive melody about love and longing gone bad encapsulated in guitar, banjo, harmonium, and occasional bursts of keys. His bass slips in and out, sometimes holding the band together as a steady backbone, other times sliding to the front to take the lead. Its B-side “I love you like a fire that never goes out” stings of loss and yet is wrapped in the strength of conviction that love for someone will never fade out or away.

It’s a new chapter for Joshua Jesty, and in releasing just a few songs at a time, it allows him to expand and move in whatever direction the music takes him.

Catastrophe is available on all digital streaming services. Put it on repeat, and let it be the soundtrack to your own catastrophes!

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