Stylish music with strong rhythm guitar and catchy vocals that keep the listener engaged and calms the mood of a room is almost instantly the recipe for success that Stereospeak engages in. They have made their way all around promoting their echoing and catchy blend of psychedelic mixed with old school pop rock and are doing it rather successfully. Coming off of high praise and recognition on their 2010 EP Jurassic, their latest delve into the music scape is just as good if not better.

With the release of their new EP, Leaves, this past January the band is setting out to hit venues and bring their tunes to the masses. Stereospeak however is not new to the Midwestern music scene. They have been making waves since their formation in 2009 when vocalist Mike Mitzner and drummer Logan Ortega moved to Chicago and got the band up and running. They have had many members but are currently using the line up of Mitzner, Ortega, Brendan Bunce (guitar, vocals), Marlon Lang (Keys, Vocals), and Ryan Hollenbeck (bass). These guys have been hard at work and their new EP is evidence of it.

There are plenty of great songs on the album but I probably listened to “Shapes” about 20 times when I was writing this article. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to see why it is so addictive.

These guys have rocked everywhere from The Subterranean to the Congress Theater but if you’re ready for a good dose of classic rock mixed with echoing greatness then you’ll need to make your way out to Schubas this Saturday (19th) at 10pm. The tickets are going to run you $10 at the doors or you can get an early discount right HERE.

Wild Party from San Antonio, TX will be opening up and will be a promising opening act, so you’ll want to get there early.

Check out Sterospeak on their Bandcamp where you can pick up a copy of Leaves as well as a free copy of the 2010 Jurassic EP. Be sure to hit up their social media for all the latest updates on new music and shows from the band.

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