Did you go and see Rebecca Rego and The Trainmen back in February at The Hideout for their record release party? NO!? Well, you missed a golden opportunity to check out one of the best folk rock bands that the Midwest has to offer. With small town values mixed in with big city dreams, Rebecca Rego and The Trainmen are definitely a Midwest Action favorite. Now it’s been over 3 months since Tolono was released and these folk rockers are continuing to rock as hard as ever.

The release show went well but being the great musicians they are, they are not satisfied yet. Having returned from a few shows in the Midwest they are turning right around to head back out on a tour encompassing the majority of the Midwest. This is a band that doesn’t just write and play the old tell-tale songs of standard folk but instead create something deeper and more personal. Rego has prided herself on creating songs that touch on Midwestern ideals, small town luxuries, and family make up while still keeping true to Chicago and the city life she has known very well. Tolono is start to finish an amazing album (started listening a few days ago and haven’t stopped) and will sell you from the start.

Don’t believe me check out the first track entitled “Call My Mother” from Tolono:

But there is more to this band than meets the eye. In their performances there’s a soft and relax tone mixed with energy. Rego and company start solemn and then pick up with the addition of strings, percussion, and everything right about folk music. They have this vibe that they could just walk into your living room and start playing and a great jam session would ensue. While there are plenty of videos out there for this band that have studio quality audio, this one stuck out to me for both the setting and the song. “Stuck” is a great tune but this video shows that relax vibe mixed with a moving energy that makes this band very distinct.

Now, are you mad you missed the CD release party? Ready to get your physical copy of Tolono? Then head out to Schubas (3159 N. Southport Chicago, IL 60657) this Saturday. The show will be kicking off at 9pm and will cost you $10… or will it?

We’ve got two free tickets to give away! In the comments section all you have to do is tell us your favorite folk rock artist and the more unique and interesting they are wins! We’ll pick a winner by the 24th.

(BONUS POINTS: If the artist is form the Midwest)

Caroline Rose and Kelsey Wild will kick the show off. After that, if you’re still in a “folk rock mood” make your way down to the Tonic Room for Midwest Action’s very own show, featuring Wild Hands.

Follow Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen on their social media pages to keep up with all their shows this summer and their newest releases. You can grab a copy of Tolono off of their Bandcamp page.

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