The first song off the forthcoming Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s LP, Slingshot to Heaven, premiered on February 4th. The album is slated to be released on April 22, but in the meantime, enjoy “Hello, San Francisco”:

Margot’s last album, Rot Gut, Domestic, was released a in 2012, and hearing new material is, quite literally, music to my ears. The Indianapolis outfit crafted a mellow sound with an immediacy that engages you from the start. Tinged with piano and backing female vocals, the song feels orchestral and grand. It’s a lovely tune.

Of “Hello, San Francisco”, frontman Richard Edwards explained to Esquire, “I think this was the last song I wrote for the record. The reason being, I got a silly idea in my head that I wanted an album to start with the lines, ‘Hello, San Francisco! Baby, I don’t ever wanna die,’ and it took a while for me to write a halfway decent song around that pre-conceived bit of silliness. It’s a worthy representation of the spirit of the record. It sounds like fall to me, and I’m always trying, and mostly failing, at making things that sound like fall.”

April 25 at Pike Room in Pontiac, MI
April 26 at The Basement in Columbus, OH
April 27 at Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, OH
National tour dates here.

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