This was a special one for me. It was a punk rock show filled with old friends, new friends, unexpected friends, and a shitload of cheap beer. It was everything I loved about playing in a punk rock band except I wasn’t in any of the bands this time around. It was also special because some of our favorite Chicago punks Nervous Passenger were releasing their latest cassette Way Too Weird.

The bill was nothing short of Chicago punk rock royalty. Rat Hammer took the stage first and blew everyone away with their quick bursts of energetic hardcore punk. No Two Waynes hit the stage next and have gotten better every time I see them. Following them was a band that I hadn’t seen or heard from in years, Sass Dragons. Having had the honor of playing with these dudes some years ago, it was amazing to see them back on a stage and sounding as good as ever.

The photos pretty much tell the story of this one. It had everything – crowd surfing, loud guitars, beers being thrown in the air, and of course a slight sense of danger. Check ’em out.

Click any image to view the entire set as a slideshow.

The new cassette EP Way To Weird is available via Nervous Passenger’s bandcamp page. Sass Dragons have a slough of rarities and past releases available to stream and buy as well. Keep an eye out for an upcoming full-length album from No Two Waynes and last but not least, pick up Rat Hammer’s Baby Carrots 7″,  just released  last Monday. Go and get all of this in your ear holes, now!

Nervous Passenger Bandcamp | Facebook
Sass Dragons Bandcamp
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No Two Waynes Bandcamp | Facebook
Rat Hammer Bandcamp | Facebook