On Sunday night to a packed house at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio, three pop rock heavyweights took the stage to kick off a night fueled with summer’s sweet carefree nature. The audience responded accordingly–dancing, singing and letting their screams for more keep the intensity of each band’s performance rise as the night sizzled on.


New Jersey natives Young Rising Sons took the stage and kicked the night off. The quartet played “Fucked Up” and “Turnin’,” getting the crowd dancing before they flew into a cover of Modern English’s “I Melt With You.” “Home to You” showcased Andy Tongren’s sultry voice as he hung on the edge of the stage, taking in the energy from the crowd. Guitarist Dylan Jackson Scott and drummer Steve Patrick provided a heavy-hitting drive, while bassist Julian Dimagiba ricocheted on his side of the stage. But it was when the signature whistle of “High” began onstage that the crowd lost it, spiraling into a dance frenzy.



“You don’t want to be Houston,” goaded Joywave frontman Daniel Armbruster before his band began their second performance of “Destruction.” As he explained, the band was going to keep doing the song until the crowd got rowdy and danced. The earworm was played twice, before moving onto “Now.” Armbruster mentioned the band’s debut album, How Do You Like Me Now?, being number 123 on Billboard, thanking “the two of you who picked that up” with a joking smile before kicking into “Somebody New.” He continued engaging the audience with “Who’s the biggest Young Rising Sons fan? I have a piece of their setlist which says ‘Young Rising S.’ Who wants it?” Handing over the corner, his band spun into “Tongues,” as the crowd exploded like popcorn.


The Kooks took the stage to finish the night off with whooping and hollering from the crowd, while frontman Luke Pritchard gyrated and danced his way across the stage to “Around Town.” The British pop rockers sizzled, delighting the audience with “Down,” “Seaside,” and “Forgive & Forget.” A technical difficulty took the band from the stage for about ten or fifteen minutes, but once the sound technicians had fixed the problem, they came back with Pritchard apologizing before he continued the party. They finished their set and were brought quickly back to the stage for an encore that included “See Me Now,” “Junk of the Heart,” and “Naive.”

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