There’s any number of big name bands and locals you can see play on a Saturday evening in Chicago but it’s not every weekend that you get to see some of your favorite locals grace the legendary stage of The Metro. Celebrating the release of Mutts‘ 4th full length LP Fuel Yer Delusion Vol. 4, Archie Powell & The Exports, The Kickback, and Cincinnati’s Pop Goes The Evil got together to put on one extra special night.

Cincinnati trio, Pop Goes The Evil, started the evening out right. Their sound ranges from bluesy pop to glam-rock and even a little psychedelic in some of their longer jams.

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The Kickback, formerly from South Dakota, have found a loving home here in Chicago. They brought an incredible energy to the stage and put everything they had into their set. They closed with a powerful song about singer/guitarist Billy Yost being robbed of everything he owned after his move to Chicago. Putting the emotional subject matter aside, the band powered through the song in a cathartic way that reminded the crowd that frankly, shit happens.

Archie Powell & The Exports impress me more and more every time I see them. This set was no different. They definitely fed off all of the good vibes in the room and gave one hell of a performance. Being longtime friends and colleagues of Mutts and the rest of the bands on the bill, Archie stopped between songs to call the night a “family party” and urge the crowd to pick up the new Mutts album. Highlights of the set included the ever popular “The Malört Song (A Waltz for Old Jeppson)”, a new holiday romp about getting drunk at Christmas time, and even a overdriven cover of Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up”. Oh, and a bunch of cool stuff from their new album Back in Black.

The main attraction of the night was Mutts. A band that we at Midwest Action have followed for a long time and have seen all over town at this point. Easily one of the hardest working acts in Chicago, they’ve grown as a band over the 5 or so years they’ve been active and this was a huge milestone for them. Mutts is a band I’m used to seeing in a more intimate setting like the Tonic Room or other small bars but seeing Mike, Chris, and Bob on the stage of the Metro put a huge smile on my face.

The band was just as gracious to be sharing this night with old friends and new and continually thanked the crowd for being there as they passed around a celebratory bottle of Jameson. Their set was better than ever and spanned just about their entire catalog. Being the Fuel Yer Delusion release show, Mutts played a selection of tracks from the new record including, “Real Good Boy”, “Like Mama Had”, and “Shake It Up” before closing the show with the angry anthem and lead track, “Everyone is Everyone”.

The encore featured the entire family of bands performing Paul McCartney’s high energy jam “Monkberry Moon Delight”. A song which fits Mike Maimone’s deep growl perfectly. Oh yea, and Archie Powell nearly fell on me after a piggy back ride off the stage went horribly wrong. After all, it’s not a family party until someone gets hurt.

The photos pretty much sum up the night. If you were there, I hope they helped you relive the experience. If not, then there’s what you missed. Either way, give Fuel Yer Delusion Vol. 4 a listen on bandcamp and pick up the gorgeous colorful splatter vinyl online or at your local record store.

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