There is something about a marching band that just makes people want to move. Add in some good vibes, some acrobats and you’ve got a March Fourth show. This amazing stage show hit Chicago’s Lincoln Hall last Tuesday, June 10th.


March Fourth, or to many of their fans “M4”, hail from Portland Oregon. With their mixture of brass, drums and wind instruments (typical for a marching band) alongside guitar and bass, all you can do is get down and move your hips to the amazing cross-genre experience.

The band came out with as much glory and energy as a marching band in mismatched, yet very fashionable, uniforms could.

Anytime a band has a song where the corresponding dance involves smacking the ass of the person next to you, your in for a good time (or really bad time, depending on the person.)

The acrobats came out in to the pits with the fans three times. Pushing them back so they could preform a host of splits, flips, stunts on stilts, and multi-person climbing and balancing acts. I have really no idea but it was really great.


At one point in the show, a belly dancer came out on stage and got the crowd moving to the funky music coalition.


If you missed them in Chicago, keep an eye out for more tour dates throughout the Midwest and all over the US!

Upcoming Tour Dates:

June 26 Durango, CO Animas Theater  (Facebook)

June 27 Louisville, CO Louisville Street Fair (Facebook)

June 28 Salt Lake City, UT Utah Arts Festival (Facebook)

June 29 Salt Lake City, UT Utah Arts Festival (Facebook)

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