August 11th will be a particularly great day for Chicago music lovers when saki Records hosts two of our hometown favorites in one building. Head over to 3716 W. Fullerton Ave at 5:30pm and you’ll receive the fuzzed out punk, psych, noise, power-trio Geronimo! along with the driving post punk sound of Meat Wave! Too many adjectives in that sentence, need a breath… ok.

Did I mention this is all free to the public, and you can download it later?!

Both bands have been playing shows in and around the city for quite a while, often sharing the same bill, and delivering nothing but good fucking rock n’ roll.

We gave a glowing review to Geronimo!’s latest release Buzz Yr Girlfriend Vol. 3: The Metal David Byrnea couple months back and are ecstatic to see them recording an Epitonic saki session. They’ve been compared to Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, R.E.M., and just about every other band that gained popularity in the early 90’s, but Geronimo! is a driving force of their own.

Mixing the energy of punk rock with the skillful technique of math rock, guitarist/vocalist Kelly Johnson provides the soul of Geronimo!’s noise jams and choppy chords. Drummer Matt Schwerin brings a hard hitting but steady heartbeat that keeps the songs together, while Ben Grigg substitutes a bass guitar for a Nord keyboard to add an extra layer of low end to the mix.The result is a rock explosion, with a nice melange of musical influences thrown in.

Geronimo! recently recorded two exclusive tracks for the monthly online music publication/record label, Chicago Singles Club. Both songs will become instant favorites to any fan of the band, new or old. Catch up on their prolific back catalogue over at bandcamp and stream their latest EP below. They still have a few Limited Edition Cassette’s available for a mere $5, don’t hesitate to start your Geronimo! collection today.

Opening up the ceremonies at saki on the 11th are Meat Wave. They will blow you away. The band spent one day in the spring of 2012 recording an amazing 9 song cassette of some of the catchiest post punk you will ever hear. It’s not even fair to simply define these songs as “post-punk”. Meat Wave create fast driving, 2 min long spurts of pure enjoyment. See below:

For those unfamiliar, Epitonic is one of the first record labels to offer free and legal mp3’s for download. It’s been a staple in the Chicago music scene since it first launched in 1999. The building they call home happens to be shared by saki Records, a spacious vinyl-focused record store in the Logan Square neighborhood.

An obvious and brilliant partnership, Epitonic and saki came together some years back to give us the gift of the aptly titled Epitonic saki Sessions. They host a slew of other live events in the space but the Epitonic saki Sessions are hands down one of the most popular live music events in Chicago. All of the sessions are free to attend and free to download, featuring some of the best touring and local bands around.

This pairing of bands should make for a damn good session. Don’t miss it this Sunday August 11th @ 5:30pm at saki Records (3716 W. Fullerton Ave.) and be sure to visit Epitonic for free downloads of all the newest (as well as an amazing archive) of saki sessions.

RSVP and find more details on this event’s Facebook page.

Geronimo! Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter
Meat Wave Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter