There’s something to be said for Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk notoriety: once he starts rockin’, back and forth, he won’t stop. Stationed between two huge inflatable sneakers, grandiose light panels, and a large table that held everything the mash-up artist required to work his magic, last Thursday’s free performance–part of the Budweiser Made in America tour–was no exception.

The former Clevelander threw a party in typical fashion: lights, crowd members brought onstage to dance, and my personal favorite: huge guns that TP the crowd as he intertwined sample after sample to the next. Brooklyn band Chrome Sparks started the evening off with a 3D experience paired with a musicality honed by hours spent inside practice rooms and laced with the chiller aspects of EDM. Check out our gallery to relive the evening or feel like you were there!

Girl Talk can be seen again at the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, PA on August 31st. Tickets are available here.

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