5 writers, 5 questions, 1 band, hand-picked by the MWA writers. Welcome to FIVE x FIVE. This week: King Sebastian and Greggie Caskets who make up the heavy blues rock duo Thundercougarfalconhawk.

You can catch them this Saturday, April 25 at the Cleveland Agora with local bands Cities & Coasts, Across the Viaduct and The Midnight Slander. All proceeds from this show will benefit the Rock Solid Fellowship whose main mission is to help local musicians obtain the gear needed to help keep the music scene alive and well in Cleveland, Ohio.

How did you two end up playing together?

King Sebastian: We tried to get this five piece thrash band together. It didn’t take long to realize that we don’t need anyone else to make the music we want to make.
Greggie Caskets: No one that we tried out could keep up with us musically, so Sebastian said, “Let’s just do a two piece, and I’ll drum and sing.”

There seems to be an influx in the “rock duo” category. What advantages/disadvantages do you guys have with just the two of you?

KS: There are no disadvantages to there being two of us. Everything actually flows smoother since we are best friends and the only ones on the band. We write and perform what we want. How we want. We trust each other musically, so it makes creating music a lot of fun.

GC: If we had more people, or even a bass player, our sound would differ completely. We like what we’re doing.

What artists do you draw influence from, and how do you incorporate and evolve their sound into your own?

KS & GC: Black Sabbath, White Zombie, Ancient Kings, J.R.R. Tolkien and outer space.

For King Sebastian: Do you find drumming and singing to be an easy task or was it something you had to work towards? Often we don’t find the drummer as the singer.

KS: No, it’s not a challenge anymore. It’s hard work, but no harder than what Greg does. I get more power vocally when I’m drumming. Call it energy or adrenaline, but it just works for me.

How to Survive on the Run came out in 2014, what’s in the works for the future from TCFH? 

KS: How to Survive on the Run is part one of a four-part quest. Coming in 2015, we will release How to Abandon your Ghosts. It takes place in the future of a past dream.

GC: We’ll also be doing some music videos for the next EP, and trying our hardest to tour and play out of town shows. We have a headlining show on May 1st at The Spitfire in Cleveland with GypsyWolf and ToroBlanco. It’s my “Welcome back to drinking” party!

BONUS! What will you be bringing to the table on Saturday night at the Agora?

KS: Saturday night get ready for relentless rock and roll. We aren’t gonna stop ’til they kill the mic.

You can listen to Thundercougarfalconhawk’s How to Survive on the Run or purchase it for $5 via Bandcamp (support your local music!). Don’t forget to catch them at the Cleveland Agora, this Saturday, April 25th at 6:30 p.m. You can also catch their headlining show at The Spitfire Saloon in Cleveland on May 1.

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