5 writers, 5 questions, 1 band, hand-picked by MWA. Welcome to FIVE x FIVE. This week: Milwaukee record-listening club turned indie pop outfit, Kane Place Record Club.


The band started as an actual record club and eventually branched out into making music of your own; how exactly did that come about? Did your common love of vinyl records and similar music tastes make it an easy transition? by Dan Jarvis.

Well the record club started as a hang out session. It is hard to find people with a good record players. Usually everyone has those crumby Target ones with the built-in speakers that doesn’t do a lot of justice to the records. Well our buddy Nick happened to have a rather nice one with some decent speakers. We would make our way over to his house with some beer and whatever records we were really feeling to just hang out. Nick (the guitar player) lived on Kane Place so that is how the name came about. The band formed from the friends that were in the record club, but it was not a requirement to become part of the band… haha. Some of us like similar music, while others are at the opposite spectrum. When we are on the road we all get chances to play music and it will go from Prince to some random orchestrated french pop of the sixties. Our common love for making music is what brings us together.

Without spoiling it, do you have anything special planned for your performance at the MilwaukeeHome Stage at SXSW? And, exactly how excited are you to make to trip down there? by Alyssa Welch.

We always try to have something special for our shows, but we try not to plan it out too much where it becomes sterile. We try to be impromptu and creative. That sometimes can backfire but it keeps us on our toes. We did just spend all of our money to get a new van so we could make it down to TX though. As a band, we haven’t ventured too far away from WI territory so we are super excited to get down there. This will be Nick’s forth year down there and my second as spectators, so we already know how much fun it is. I remember turning to Nick after every awesome show saw saying we need to play here. So we are supremely excited for this!

If you could play one music festival anywhere (excluding SXSW), where would it be and why? by Dan Fiorio.

Definitely Primavera Sound festival in Spain. We’ve never played outside of the country and the line-up is consistently good. Not to mention that people come from all corners of the world to experience it.

How would you say your record release party went at Linneman’s? by Patrick David.

I think it went really well. Hands down the highlight was getting the owner of the venue (Jim Linneman) onstage for a performance of “wild world” by Cat Stevens. It was a couple of hours before the show, and we said “Jim do you wanna play a song with us?” Haha. We are recording a new album as we speak, and I really want to go over the top for this next release show. There have been some epic release shows in Milwaukee, probably most notable would be the Fatty Acid’s “Bolero” release show at the Pabst Theatre. Amazing. If you have some ideas throw them our way, we will compensate your creativity with 4 tootsie pop wrappers with the stars on them  (you can turn them in to get free ones!).

Where do your biggest musical inspirations come from, and how do you distill the inspirations of six different people into your music? by Eric Slager.

Our inspirations come from every genre. We love taking bits and pieces from each style and work them together. This is the basic formula in which we work together to make music. We take an overall idea and add our own ingredient to make a delicious meal. And we love food!

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