5 bloggers, 5 questions, 1 band, hand-picked by the MWA writers. Welcome to FIVE x FIVE. This week: Lafayette’s indie rockers, Faux Paw.


Admittedly, I often get way too wrapped up in the Chicago music scene, so finding Faux Paw from Indiana was so refreshing. Faux Paw released their debut album, Too Close Is The New Too Far, in September of 2012 on the Jurassic Pop record label. Along with Sleeping Bag and Grandkids, the band calls the record label home. Faux Paw create catchy, smooth indie rock and were happy to paws (hah) for an installment of FIVE x FIVE.

What inspired you (Gordon & Garrett) to make the jump from singer/songwriter to full band? | Dan Fiorio

Well, I think mainly we were both tired of playing quiet acoustic shows. And we both wanted to be in a rock n roll band. And we got along really well. So yea. Blamo.

How has Indiana’s music scene benefited your growth? Or – what hurdles do you face being a band in Indiana? Does the music scene in Indiana help or hurt you? | Alyssa Welch

Indiana has been really great to us so far! It’s been kinda nice to grow in a musical environment that doesn’t feel too over saturated or jaded or what not. One of the downsides, I guess, is the comparative lack of people who give a shit about local bands/music/art. But overall, we really like it here. A good amount of cool things going on. Lots of room to grow.

It’s been one year since you released Too Close Is The New Too Far, so what is next for you guys? Can we expect another full album or some single tracks? | Patrick David

Yeah, we’re releasing a 6 song EP sometime in the first half of next year with Jurassic Pop!

Is your music the same as it was then, or do you feel like you have some new influences? | Dan Jarvis

We think its pretty different. Its more uptempo, rock’n’roll-ier, riff-ier. Not as delicate. My grandma’s probably gonna hate it.

How did you guys get hooked up with Jurassic Pop Records, and how do think working with an independent label for your debut release affected the process – for better or worse? | Eric Slager

We met Jeff and Dylan (JP founders/owners) a few years ago when Jeff was running the only house show venue in West Lafayette. His crotchety neighbor and the police put an end to that, though. West Lafayette is kinda the worst. But anywhooo, they started the label after that and did little tape releases for most of the bands in town. It wasn’t really a huge deal at the time because the label was just starting out, and nobody really knew who any of us were outside of our little bubble. But it was really nice to have them in our corner helping us out and being all supportive and encouraging. They’re just the best dudes <3 <3

December 13 at the Subterranean in Chicago, IL

Faux Paw Official | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Jurassic Pop