With over $6,000 worth of gear stolen while on their first tour last year, New York’s punk rock outfit known as Everything Ever is back for redemption with a series of shows covering the east coast to mid west. The intent is to test new songs from their upcoming EP, while recreating sounds from their 2014 debut, Solid Ground.

I was fortunate enough to catch bassist/vocalist John Trotta, and lead singer/guitarist Andrew “Dno” Paladino before they embarked on their journey across select states. We discussed the excitement of getting back on the road, how some old tracks were constructed, as well as insight into the anticipated EP that will be released this summer.

How exactly did that moment of realization feel when you stepped outside and found your van broken into?

Dno: It was like having someone break into your family home and smash all the family photos. It was just so psychologically damaging, we couldn’t even believe it. But here we are, round two!

Trotta: Watching him getting into the van was like *sighs* I mean honestly, how else do I put it?

What are your thoughts on the redemption tour?

Trotta: This is going to be so much fun. The bands we get to play with are all so cool. We are performing in places we’ve passed through before, so this is just exciting to see the same friends we met last time around.

Dno: I’m so excited. I’ve been working more hours than not in a week. Honestly, I’m just so ready to get the fuck out of here. To be in that van again with Trotta and visit places we already know people in, how could it get any better? I also can’t wait for the Boston gig, it’ll be Yee-Haws last show – which is sad for us, but they are also in other projects, so we’ll manage. It’s gonna be a blast, man.

Sounds rad! If you don’t mind me switching it up, I wanted to ask about the song Transit Girls on your debut album, Solid Ground. This track stuck out to me as one of those “oh these guys are good” moments. How’d that one come about?

Dno: Whoa, that was weird. No one ever talks about that track, but for some reason I knew you were going to ask that. Psychic moment, cool. Anyways, the vocal harmonies were a product of me thinking, “if Fun can do Queen-like harmonies, why can’t we?” Then there is the intro which was actually written on the Staten Island ferry, so the lyrics for sure came from an honest spot. Also, and this is just a random thought, but anytime I go to a slowed down minor key, i’m usually thinking Tom Waits. *successfully impersonates Tom Waits*

What I appreciated from the Solid Ground recordings were how true to punk-rock you were, while also straying from its boundaries. What direction is Everything Ever taking this upcoming EP?

Dno: This is going be the most rock and roll approach we’ve got. We are going to live record all of the tracks in studio in order to keep our original ideas as clear as possible. Also, we aren’t going to overdub a second guitar like the last album. What actually is a big deal to us though, is that we’ve never written anything but a full-length album before. This EP is supposed to convey that type of full-length energy without needing 12 tracks to get a point across. You should be able to play it on repeat and hangout with your friends, or jam alone in your bedroom. Whatever comes first. Also, another cool aspect is we have creative control over the drums for each recording. There are just so many talented drummer friends we want to bring along this wave we’re riding. Also, this allows us to have different drummers for each song, keep it new ya know.

Oh, you want video evidence? Here you go!

CLEVELAND! Everything Ever will be performing at The Foundry (11729 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH) this Saturday, December 12th. Go and check out their electrifying performance that is guaranteed to make a pissed punk pumped and wanting more.

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