Candy Ambulance,  New York’s scrappiest 3 piece, released a new single on Wednesday entitled ‘Weekday’.  The definitive next step for the band’s voice, ‘Weekday’ sounds like the soundtrack to a grown-up slumber party in the best way possible—a sonic impersonation of late comfy nights spent dishing with friends over a 30-rack.  As far an musical influence goes, this power trio has the uncanny knack to find a way to blend the nostalgic rainy-day feels of great bands like Nirvana or Bully into their own angsty sunshine.

In addition to smokin’ hot live sets, this band boasts a small but impressive collection of recorded material that mixes artsy East Cost rock’n’roll with the relatable character of Midwest rockers.  We here at MWA can’t wait for their next full length album, but for now give “Weekday” a spin and make sure to catch them on their 2017 Tour!

Your next chance is tonight at DZ Records in Hickory Hills (8548 S. 85th CT.) with local Peekaboos, Bad Bad Meow, and Harvey Fox. Check out the full tour below and make sure you make it to at least one of these dates!

Candy Ambulance Official Facebook | Bandcamp