Imagine yourself in a cabin in the woods. You’re all alone, with nothing surrounding you except the breadth of nature. The sun is setting, there’s a slight bite in the air. You’ve decided to step outside, and fancy cozying up to a small bonfire with your guitar. You’re undisturbed, and it’s lovely.

Alright–now you’re in the right state of mind to listen to “Thrown”.

“Thrown” is a raw, immaculately recorded acoustic track from Lee N. Sage, the brainchild of singer-songwriter Bobby LeSage from metro Detroit, MI. You can hear his fingers slide on the strings of the guitar, a small detail that reminds me of the physicality of music and gets me every time. “Thrown” starts powerfully with strong, crisp chords and booming vocals. His vocals are a centerpiece of the track, right in the forefront and dripping with desolation. In the last thirty seconds, some bassier notes are added, giving the climax a little extra dimension.

Give it a spin below:

The Lee N. Sage EP was written within various cabins throughout the woods of Northern Michigan’s lower and upper peninsulas. LeSage has, quite certainly, pulled that vibe through the EP’s four tracks, including “Thrown”.

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