Marking a year since their last release, Chicago Post-Punk trio Meat Wave, have dropped 2 new singles. Shame/Dogs At  Night spin like 2 sides of the same coin – opposite but perfectly fused.

On one side, “Shame” resonates like an incessant hangover (heheh, get it?).  As if you spent the night before chugging pints of gray emotions, only to open your eyes to an equally gray, sunless sky. On the other, “Dogs At Night” rings like a recovery from a fist to the face; a preparatory anthem as you wind up to give a motherfucker what he deserves.  Recollection then consequential emotion, heads then tails.

Shame/Dogs At Night slips seamlessly into the Meat Wave catalog. Punchy and purposeful, nervy and occasionally dissonant – worth much more than the $2.00 price tag.

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