Last evening, Red Scarves out of Bloomington, Illinois premiered “Penelope”, the second single off of their upcoming album, Sort Of Scarlet.

“Penelope” has the gentle sway of an indie rock staple a lá Surfer Blood or Angel Olsen. It’s catchy as hell with glassy guitar swirling around singer Braden Poole’s vocals, carrying his melodies to the song’s end. Glowing cymbal crashes accompany climactic rises in the song, whereas the steady beat of the snare keeps the energy up and the song chugging along.

“Penelope” is a great listen and an incredible preview of the band’s upcoming album. Give it a spin below:

Let us know what you think of Red Scarves’ newest track in the comments section, and keep up with them below. Keep your eyes peeled for Sort of Scarlet, due early fall of this year.

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