Today, Midwest Action is excited to premiere the song that’s been stuck in our heads for the past week: “Get Naked” by Chicago quartet, SAYERS.

Glassy electric guitar and fluttery violin open and set you up for a journey through a bouncy, indie pop track. Grandiose vocals at the chorus balance moody vocals throughout the verses. “Get Naked” is a tight, uptempo track with a drum beat sure to move you to your feet and leave your clothes behind.

Give it a spin below:


SAYERS’ new full-length album, Horror Stories, is due out April 13 (preorder here).

The outfit will be celebrating the release of the full-length vinyl album at GMan Tavern with Low Swans and Sugarpulp on April 14. For more details, head here, and for more music, scroll up and give “Get Naked” another spin.

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