Chicago’s Win and Woo are back with their first release of 2018. Guys, “Chasing Tail” is incredible! Maybe it’s just because the weather in Chicago is starting to take a turn for the better, but the song’s bright and playful energy leaves me feeling all sorts of good. The song’s written from the perspective of a dog watching its owner leave for college, and it’s chock full of clever lyricism. The melody is catchy as hell–it’s downright infectious. Give it a spin below:

Of “Chasing Tail”, Win and Woo say:

This is a special track for us in the way it tells a story. It started as an idea to write a song from a different perspective where we thought “What if we wrote this about a dog, missing its owner?”. Such a common thing we think about when leaving our pups alone, what do they do all day, do they miss us, what do they do when we aren’t home? This upbeat, playful tune captures that feeling, while leaving a sort of ambiguity intact. This could also relate in human to human relationships as well. For example, missing a ex when they go away to college, Chasing Tail (lol).

“Chasing Tail” has ‘radio single’ written all over it. Do you dig it? Let us know in the comments, or just kick back and hit play again.

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