Quick! Make your way to a dive bar and grab a beer, because that is the only appropriate way to listen to today’s Give It a Spin. Bryce Cashman is a grungy, blues rock artist out of Chicago, and his single, “Born Again Hard,” features guitar work that rips through the rest of the instrumentation and–simply put–just rocks.

After completing law school, Bryce moved to Chicago for work and to pursue a life in music. “Born Again Hard” is a sinister meditation that questions the possibilities behind daring life choices.

The single begins with a dark beat, a clap. It feels like a night in a dark bar catching a show and drinking a beer (not a good one, either). Fuzzy guitar and cymbal crashes explode into the track as the energy ramps. Cashman’s grungy vocal delivery is a major selling point, solidifying the overall tone and proving to be a powerful force in and of themselves.

This song oozes energy. This song IS energy. You could power a dive bar with the energy from this track alone. Don’t believe me? Give it a spin below:

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