It’s a mid July scorcher and you’re watching the clock go by. A long day half way over and you’ve got a lot on your mind…questions that need answers, moments of nostalgia float across closed lids, and last night’s headache has overstayed it’s welcome. Despite these little inconveniences, your sunburnt cheeks find a reason to crack a smile.

“I’ve been living inside my self too long. I can’t even tell my right from my left from my wrong. I don’t even know which hand I’m counting on, I won’t even count the fingers that I’m keeping crossed…”

Suddenly! Fingers bend and bounce on strings; fuzzy, grungy…glammy?! Filthy sweet vocals enter your ears and call to you, a connection made and a sullen feeling replaced. Why do I suddenly feel like dancing on this street corner?!

This is the beauty of Old Joy’s new single “Baby Below You.” Songwriter/Guitarist Alex Reindl takes the ugliest parts of life and transforms them into trivial bits to laugh at. “Baby Below You” reminds us that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously despite the occasional failed relationship or existential crisis.

The Old Joy b-side, “Date w/Destini” acts as the flip side of the same coin, taking on a darker tone while still managing to stay dreamy, soft, and accessible.

“Slow down your horrid soul, you’re on a roll and it’s so scary now it’s beautiful…”

Give them both a spin and go catch Old Joy’s set tonight at Club Soda in Pilsen. Keep an eye out for their full length album, “Trash Your Life,” out this September 20th.

Upcoming Shows:

7/15   Club Soda – Chicago, IL
7/23  Crown Liquors – Chicago, IL
9/20  The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL

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