Milwaukee’s The Midwestern Charm is prepping to release a new album. Their second full-length release, Growing Pains, will be out any time, and we’re making the wait a little more tolerable by premiering the first track off Growing Pains, “Bloodbath”.

“Bloodbath” is a solid rock track with a steady tempo. Guitar melodies weave in and out of vocalist Connor La Mue’s lyrics. Mid-way through, a light key change (and a wild scream) leads into a glossy solo that reflects the vocal melodies. This time around, it seems as if The Midwestern Charm have dropped some of their more country-leaning influences, but enough of it remains to give this single that extra touch of personality. If the rest of the album is anything like “Bloodbath”, it’s going to kick ass.

Check out the track below, and look for their full album to be released next week.

But, if you literally cannot wait to hear more, The Midwestern Charm are playing the Burlington on August 22 with Mooner and Dirty Pigeons as part of another Midwest Action sponsored show. I’m sure with the right amount of chanting and beer, we’ll hear these new songs live. RSVP here.

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