WebsterX is no stranger to Midwest Action. We’ve had the awesome pleasure of covering his releases in past, and he’s back at it again. Fresh off winning a Milwaukee Music Award for Solo Artist Of The Year, there’s not much slowing WebsterX down. He’s been making new music and collaborating with Midwest artists such as Soul Low in preparations for his next album. Today’s release marks the first single off his sophomore album, the title of which is currently under lock and key in WebsterX’s mind.

While the album title is a mystery, the first track is entitled “Doomsday”. With a wave of dream inducing chords and featuring hypnotic vocals from Milwaukee’s Siren, WebsterX builds you up with a great intro and drops hard at the 1:06 mark, snapping you back to reality as he spits lyrics. Get lost in “Doomsday” below:

WebsterX is on a continuous path of creating nonstop great music. His first album Desperate Youth graced us with the likes of “Blue Dreams” and “Desperate Youth”, and I can only predict we’ll be graced with even more awesome tunes as we enter into 2015. To quote the man himself, ” …next year will be insane”. We can’t wait, man.

If you need more to tie you over (although I recommend putting this track on repeat), you can always head over to his SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

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