To the joy of Midwestern hip hop fans all over the region, Chicago group Typical Cats recently released a “lost” track to tie over fans and provide some new sounds to love and groove to. Typical Cats is a staple of the hip hop scene in Chicago. Comprised of emcees Denizen Kane, Qwazaar, and Qwel – and then backed by producers Kid Knish and DJ Natural – this group is a force to be reckoned with.

With all of this, where do I start? I love so many things about hip hop, but most of all I love the genre’s versatility. There is so much you can do with it, and so many ways to present it. What makes Typical Cats stand out from the masses is that they combine three expert emcees who each bring their own style. Over the years, they’ve recorded three albums together, but it was their first, Typical Cats, that let the world know they were in this to make straight-up hip hop. With piano/synth/guitar backing tracks, break beats, bass riffs that could kill you, and lyrics delivered in three unique styles, they own this game so hard it’s not even funny.

And while it may not be an official sign of albums to come, they’ve returned with their newest track, “Zulu”, and tossed a video in with it. Typical Cats describe it as:

“…a treasure from the vaults, a ‘lost’ record that has flecks of classic songcraft imbedded in its recombinant DNA….Allegedly penned during TC’s 3 Tour (a beautiful, chaotic affair that involved a fistfight with New Mexico police and at least 2 UFO sightings) and recorded at Qwa’s California compound (since decommissioned), “Zulu” is a top 40 single from an alternative reality, a lost-found classic for AM radio in a parallel universe…”

There’s not much in the books for Typical Cats right now, but the good news is that they have an amazing back catalog you can dive into and enjoy. If you’re not familiar with their discography (shame on you), head over to Qwazaar’s bandcamp page, and let the beats flow.

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