“We’re not an electronic band with guitars, nor are we a rock band with occasional blips and bloops,” says Adam Boose, drummer for Cleveland duo Golden Streets of Paradise. The release of their debut LP, World War, comes nearly two years after the success of the EP The Sun is Everything, which helped get the creative juices flowing for World War. “I think the EP did a good job of setting the musical boundaries for what we want to accomplish— honest songs with strong vocal hooks, big choruses, darker moods, and a strong rhythmic groove. All of the instrumental elements get equal consideration,” says Boose.

The other half of Golden Streets of Paradise is Myk Porter, lead singer and guitarist. When it was time to sit down and start writing songs, Boose said The Sun is Everything is what helped lay the blueprint of what World War would eventually become. “I think we do a good job of not letting our egos get in the way and instead just focus on writing good songs,” says Boose.

World War is just that. A perfect blend of dark, moody drum lines, sublime guitar riffs and a hint of electronic styling converge into deep, honest songs with rich choruses. Porter’s vocals are both mellifluous and pure with rugged emotion while Boose’s hard-hitting beats bring out the energy of each song.

The final touches to the album were put into the hands of Grammy Award-winning engineer, Rae DiLeo (Filter, Henry Rollins). “Rae has been one of my biggest audio mentors and taught me a lot of mix tricks that otherwise I never would have stumbled across,” says Boose. “He’s got an amazing sense of intuition when it comes to painting a sonic picture, and we knew he would take our basic tracks and make them into something beautiful. The way he mixes vocals is so entirely unique to him, and we couldn’t be happier with how the record turned out.”

While there are no shows in the works for the near future, Golden Streets of Paradise is planning a short tour in Spring 2017 to promote a vinyl release of the record.

You can download the album on the band’s SoundCloud page, or purchase on iTunes.

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