Give It A Spin is back guys and girls… did you miss me? No? Well I’m hurt, but I understand the harsh feelings; hopefully I can make it up to all of you by providing you the best tracks from some of the Midwest’s bests. Sound good? Alright good. Now, let’s get started.


Today’s track comes from Chicago folk band Everything’s Alright. With “Wanda”, Everything’s Alright are making a major stylistic shift. This is the first single to come from their awesomely titled EP, Making Love Is Good For You, Bro, which comes as the follow-up to their June release, Plum Hose.

“Wanda” keeps the indie folk sound that they’re known for, but surprisingly incorporates elements of hip hop into the mix. The result is a folk hop hybrid with a melancholy undertone that is immensely fun and downright catchy.

Give it a spin and a download below with the name your price option (tip generously; at least 20%). Be sure to look for more tracks from Making Love Is Good For You, Bro on the Everything’s Alright Bandcamp.

Everything’s Alright Facebook | Bandcamp